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α611 Handy Reader
α611 Handy reader features a high-performance reading capability in reading RFID tags and a 2D barcode scanner. It is a small and lightweight RFID reader, highly portable and easy to carry, providing two selectable options, Pocket and Gun Handle.
Users are able to select one of the options depending on the field environment.
The pocket option is lightweight and easy to carry, specially designed for a user who needs to carry an RFID reader in the workplace.
Gun Handle option has the scan button on the handle and it is designed to make user continuous inventory tasks easy.
α712 Mobile RFID Reader
Best-in-Class UHF RFID reading performance, α712 Mobile reader reads 180 tags per second on average, 12 meters of reading distance when reading a typical tag, and up to 30 meters with a special tag.
Attaching a mobile phone to the reader, users can use their own functions of the mobile phone and 2D barcode scan and high-performance RFID reading functions with one hand, and the other hand can be used to do other tasks that the user wants.
Furthermore, it provides three different antenna options to choose from, Plate, Cross, and Circular, outstanding performance Cross antenna design provides the highest reading performance without directionality.
6800mAh high capacity battery which is included in the package provides increasing the time to use of UHF RFID function and allows battery replacement easy.
UHF RFID function can be used to the maximum extent possible with different from conventional RFID readers.
α811 All in one RFID Reader
α811 is an all-in-one UHF RFID reader based on the Android operating system. Users can collect any data by using NFC, 2D barcode engine, and Camera functions. And do some work with the data on the device and send it to the server or other device by using WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G functions. α811 can read 160 tags on an average and tags from a distance of approximately 12M with a normal size tag (8x3cm). with special tags with high performance, we could get 32M of reading distance.
UHF, Barcodes, NFC, Camera, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G function combined with a lightweight and distinctive design of a811 provides you convenience for using.
The standard battery, 6800mAh, allows UHF RFID reading lasting long and is swappable if new battery power needs. Slim and sophisticated design mobile RFID reader you’ve ever seen before! A powerful RFID module (R2000) with a large antenna brings you up to 12M reading distance for normal size tags. With a specific good tag, you can get up to 32M of reading distance.
Also able to read 150~160 tags per second. A811 provides you any type of identifying technologies, UHF, 2D, NFC in one device. Moreover, with WIFI, Bluetooth in default, you can select optional functions you want, Camera, GPS, 3G.
All kinds of data capturing functions are in your hand! It comes in Black or White.
α312 Fixed RFID Reader
α312 is a Fixed RFID reader supporting 4 port channels. By using the R2000 chip, it can read RFID tags up to 25 M away and have a high reading rate of up to 200 tags in a second. With IP 67 rate certified, it can be used in a harsh environment and provides maximum user convenience by supporting multi-interface communications. Optimized for warehousing and forwarding, container, asset history tracking, warehouse logistics, staff security, and automated system management, we have multiple references.
α211 Mobile RFID Reader à Fixed RFID Reader with multi ports
IMPINJ RFID Chip Adoption
Multi-interface communication support
High search rate to read up to 200 tags per second
Free SDK ( Software Development Kit)
EPC Global Class Gen2(ISO 18000-6C) Protocol support
Use antenna up to 16 and run a demo application in the PC system.
Face the antenna to the target RFID tags and inventory them by pressing the invetory button.
Check the tag ID on the screen.
Apulsetechnology is an RFID company manufacturing RFID readers.
With over 20 years of RFID business experience in the field, we make the most efficient RFID handheld reader providing customers with high-end technology for the IoT world.
Apulsetechnology designs and manufactures a leading products suitable for various industries, such as Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Retail, transportation, and many others.
Your business will grow and reach the world with new opportunities with our service.
Apulsetechnology products offer Slim and sophisticated design mobile RFID readers with class-leading UHF performance. Free SDK and flexible sample applications make your software development easy.

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Apulsetech is an RFID company that creates RFID readers.
We create the most efficient RFID handheld readers that provide state-of-the-art IoT technology to customers, based on 20+ years of RFID business experience. Apulsetech designs and manufactures leading products suitable for various areas including medicine, pharmaceutics, retail, freight, etc. We work in a prudent, independent, and active fashion and are prepared to meet customer demands. Through our services your business will grow and come to have a global outreach through new opportunities. Gain RFID experience with us. Here you will discover RFID for your services!
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